Gr8 Designs Microcontroller Workshop

I promised the girls in my workshop sessions today that I would post some links to various resources on the Arduino microcontroller and some of the awesome projects I showed off. Here goes!

Places to get Arduinos and other electronic components in Toronto:

  • Creatron has good prices on the Lilypad and regular Arduino, as well as a very friendly and helpful proprietor.  It’s on College just East of Spadina.
  • Honson is just West of Spadina; they have a wider selection of things like LEDs, but don’t stock Arduinos.
  • Active Surplus on Queen West is also worth a look, though their selection of components varies.

Project inspiration, resources, and other links:

I hope everyone has fun learning more about electronics and microcontrollers than what little I talked about in the workshops, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions – my address is leigh (at) .