Living in the Future, or, HackLab Buys a Cupcake

On September 1st, I sent an email to the HackLab discussion list asking for folks to commit. Less than 24 hours later, members and non-members alike stepped up and pledged $700 in addition to my initial commitment of $200. Our MakerBot Batch 7 CupCake CNC will ship in early October, hopefully in time for MiniSoOnCon!

3D printing is so amazing. This is the MITS Altair of a DIY revolution whose shape I’m not at all certain of. I couldn’t be more exited to see what the hacklabbers make and how we improve the machine, too.

In alphabetical order, the donors were:

3ric Johanson
Alex Leitch
Byron Sonne
Chad Mounteny
Cheryl Mok
Chris Pilkington
Dale Babiy
Dan Kaminsky
Eric from NYC Resistor
Kate Raynes-Goldie
Sergio Martns
Seth Hardy

Welcome to the future, folks.


HackLabTO Ignite at DemoCampTO19

I gave my first Ignite talk last week at DemoCamp.  If you’re unfamiliar with the format, you have 20 slides which advance automatically every 15 seconds, giving you a total of 5 minutes to talk.  It’s a fun format, but I was amazed at how much more quickly those slides flashed by when I was in front of an audience than when I was practicing.

My slides were mostly photos, and I had notes co-ordinated with them.  I’ve put the presentation on Slideshare, but they don’t share presentation notes well, so I’ll include them here.  The bullets are numbered the same as the corresponding slides.  Read them really fast and you’ll get an accurate impression of how my talk went (at least until the video gets posted, ruh roh).  Slides and notes below the jump.

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Sup, internets!

So I have a public blog now, whee!  I needed to set one up for class, so I figured I’d do it right and just keep using it for other stuff.

I’ll be crossposting some hackerspace-related stuff to the HackLab.To page, and maybe setting up some aggregation for my classmates’ blogs for CSC491.  I post photos over at Flickr but you’ll see some here too sometimes.  Maybe I’ll even write a bit about my other big interests: information security, open source software, and equity / gender in IT issues.