Mettle Fund

I sometimes invest in startups I find compelling, either because I know the founders to be wildly smart and hardworking, or because I care about the change they are trying to make in the world, or ideally both! So far this has included:

  • icebrg (Acquired by Gigamon) – metadata-based network security
  • Ethel’s Club – coworking space and online community for people of color
  • YourChoice Therapeutics – revolutionary contraceptives for people of all genders
  • Bennu – engineering management automation
  • Syntexys – legal documentation automation
  • Cerebral – mental health telemedicine
  • JuiceBox – intimacy and sexual health via chatbot
  • Jelly Labs – Github for science
  • Edify – smarter engineering onboarding

If you’re interested in pitching me, please send a blurb and deck to leigh at . And good luck with your endeavor 💖