Sunsets Aren't Delicious

Over my years of using it, Delicious quietly became one of my favorite things on the whole internet – in many ways because it shaped how I used the web itself, and how I organize my thoughts.

Hearing that it’s going to be shut down made me kinda sad. But so does the prospect of moving to some other monolithic, single-point-of-failure service.

Anyone interested in building a Free Software federated social bookmarking app? I am, and I think we could put something together pretty easily using the developing ecosystem of federated social protocols which projects such as and Diaspora are using.

If one already exists, I’d love to hear about it too… but I couldn’t find it.

I’ve got a final tomorrow but I’ll get a mailing list up and running Saturday – leave a message in the comments, or email and I’ll add you when I do.